Latest version

New in version 6.4.1

- Now works on APFS formated volumes (macOS10.13 High Sierra).
- Added video filter ‘Frame Steps’.
- Added option 'Select one frame every N-th frame’.
- Added x265 option 'Strength of adaptive offsets’.
- Added"SMPTE ST 428-1" to Color Primaries selector.
- Improved FFmpeg error handling.
- Improved handling of DVB_Subtitles.
- Improved compiling FFmpeg command lines in general.
- Now handels DPX frames.
- Metadata types ‘Service Name’ and ‘Service Provider’ is now saved in user presets.
- Better compatibility with FFmpeg 3.3 and higher.
- Updated several iDevice presets.
- Encoding to Prores and enabling qscale is now processed correctly.
- Fixed issue when enabling ‘Split Audio Channels into seperate files’ (Now always encoded to mono channels).
- Fixed issue setting the mapping when adding 2 or more audio streams and external subtitles files.
- Fixed issue adding watermark images that are bigger than the movie size.
- Fixed issue exporting to jpg images when ‘x Frames’ is selected.
- Fixed issue checking for the latest FFmpeg build.
- Fixed issue rendering Timecode when using very small fonts sizes.
- Fixed issue encoding with 2 pass enabled.
- Fixed regression issue when creating .iso DVD files (introduced in 6.4)

Important :iFFmpeg does NOT include a compiled FFmpeg binary! You have to compile or download yourself.

iFFmpeg 6.4.1 for Mac OS X Intel 10.7.x, 10.8.x,10.9.x, 10.10.x, 10.11.x and macOS 10.12

Versions History

FFmpeg binaries for Mac OS X:
Download FFmpeg (Recommended and includes a very good tutorial for compiling your own FFmpeg binary)
Download FFmpeg (tessus version)

FFmpeg source: 
Download source

Older versions

iFFmpeg 5.8.3 for Mac OS X Intel 10.7.x, 10.8.x, 10.9.x and 10.10.x
 Download iFFmpeg Intel

iFFmpeg 4.6.6 for Mac OS X Intel 10.6.x, 10.7.x, 10.8.x, 10.9.x and 10.10.x
Download iFFmpeg Intel

iFFmpeg 3.9.30 for Mac OS X Intel 10.6.x, 10.7.x, 10.8.x and 10.9.x
Download iFFmpeg Intel

iFFmpeg 2.3 for Mac OS X Intel 10.5.x
Download iFFmpeg Intel

iFFmpeg 2.3 for Mac OS X PPC 10.5.x (Note : 2.3 is the last available PPC version.)
Download iFFmpeg PPC

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